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What are lead-generating sites?

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Lead-generating sites

These are sites that seek to generate consumer interests to turn prospects into customers. The process entails attracting strangers to make positive sales in a business. In online selling, lead generation involves gathering prospects’ contact details through a web form. Some of the common lead generation sites include blogs, content, social media and more.

Collecting contact information enables a business to inform and nurture prospective clients through online marketing before engaging them directly for sales. Even if customers don’t make purchases immediately, lead generation allows a business to promote to them later.

How it works

Lead generation involves two main elements namely:

• Generating traffic to your site

• Encouraging prospects to share their information.

First, you need to establish the right approach to attract strangers and prospects into your site. There are plenty of ways through which you can achieve this. Some of the common ones include:

1. Search Engine Marketing- This is the best method through which you can generate more traffic to your site. You are required to pay search engines to display advertisements on their pages. However, this approach can be costly especially for starting businesses.

2. Display ads- This method takes many approaches including images, text, video and more. You can obtain these ads from various sites for lead generation.

3. Offline events – This includes events such as business meetings, workshops, conferences and more.

Here, you can find prospects and educate them about your products and services. You can either host, sponsor or attend an event as a guest.

Prospects can also learn more about your brand through various marketing sites. Once they click on the CTA button, they are directed to landing pages where they give their contact information at an offer. An offer means a valuable thing that seeks to appreciate the visitor’s effort to give their information. This may include a course or ebook. From these people, the prospects become positive leads.

Lead generation marketing

There are plenty of sites to help generate more traffic to your landing page. Some of the channels include:

• Content- If you want to capture prospects’ information, then offer quality content. The content should offer useful information that is relevant to your brand. Examples of content include special video, ebook, whitepaper and more. The aim is to appeal to visitors through helpful content.

• Webinars- These are live videos in which you seek to educate your visitors about your brand. Since webinars involve communication, you should be ready to commit much of your time educating and converting prospects into positive leads.

• Landing Pages- Having a unique product itself will turn prospects into positive leads. All you need is to present your product in the most appealing way to your visitors.

• Email- You can use email sites to reach strangers and inform them about your products and services. Since emails tend to be more mixed-up, employ a call to action to attract your visitor’s attention.

• Blog- You can write blog posts on relevant topics to generate more traffic into your site. If they like your content, visitors will be willing to offer their contact information.

• Social Media sites- Sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can be used to generate traffic to your sites. You can either pay for ads or post content to drive traffic.

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