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Best Security Wand Metal Detectors

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More than ever, security needs to be given the highest priority. Things are not what they were in the past. Since there is a drastic increase in terrorism and other antisocial activities the requirement of security is at its peak.

The advancement of technology has provided us with the necessary equipment that can be used to provide people with the best security services. One of the commonly used equipment is the metal detector wand. They are used in airports, important buildings, clubs, and schools. In this article, we shall discuss the best metal detector wands in the market.

Garrett SuperScanner

The Garrett SuperScanner is one of the very commonly used metal detectors. It is made in the USA and is also trusted by the law enforcement professionals. It is very effective and is simple to use. When you are using Garrett SuperScanner safety is the last thing that you need to worry about. Garrett is a name that you can depend on when it comes to security. Just use the standard nine-volt battery into the wand, switch on, and you can start scanning.  If there is any metal, it indicated with an LED light or vibrate alarm. Garrett has also served as the official security vendor for the Olympics.

Garrett Superwand

The Garrett Superwand is a sleek, lightweight and an easy grip metal detector. It detects any metal with pinpoint accuracy. The 360-degree detection offers great sensitivity with extreme accuracy. Most of the airports in the United States use the Garrett Superwand. It has the capability to sense ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons. The microprocessor eliminates the need to adjust the settings from time to time. With an ergonomic design and 360-degree detection, the Garrett Superwand has what it takes to be listed among the best.

Fisher CW-20

The Fisher CW-20 is designed and manufactured by the Fisher Research Laboratory that is based out of USA.  It is capable of detecting all types of metals and also provides the choice of three different frequencies. It is mostly used in nightclubs, sporting events, and courtrooms.

This is a high-end metal detector that comes at an amazing price. The momentary low switch is a standout feature that eliminates the interference from the metal from concrete walls. The device uses a nine-volt battery to function. It alerts with vibration or a high pitch alarm.

Fisher CW-10

Another offering from the Fisher Research Labs is the Fisher CW-10. The Fisher CW-10 provides an overall security solution at an affordable price. You can see the Fisher CW-10 being used in many common areas. The Fisher CW-10 is the highest selling metal detector ever. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to hold and use. Like the Fisher CW-20, it uses a nine-volt battery. It alerts with a heavy beep sound. Most of the airports and train station in London use the Fisher CW-10.

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