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History of the United States Postal Service (USPS)

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Postal service is a service that offers the transporting of hard copies of documents, letters and parcels. Since its inception in 1775, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is a federal agency of the USA government. Its existence is entrenched and authorized by the U.S constitution. The first USA president Benjamin Franklin was its first postmaster general. The United States Postal Service has access to many government-based powers and privileges not given to private businesses. There are eleven legal requirements that are applicable to private businesses but not the United States Postal Service. To know more about the United States Postal Service search for Liteblue Login and get complete information.

The following is a brief history the United States Postal Service

Early establishment (Pre 19th century period)

Many attempts were made to start a postal service during the early years of the North American colonies. The attempts were restricted to colonies and were small scale. Examples:In 1639 there existed a postal service in Boston which was in the Massachusetts colony that enabled one to post a letter.A dedicated postal service between Boston and New York City came into existence in 1672.In 1691 the North American Postal Service was established with a twenty one year grant from the British Crown government. The main purpose was to collect postal tax on official documents for the crown government. In 1710, the British parliament extended this postal system to other colonies. A main office was started in New York City from where postal mail was disbursed across the Atlantic.

Post independence period (after the American Revolution)

After the American Revolution the British Crown postal service was abolished in 1774-1775. On July 26, 1775, the United States Post Office (USPO) was established by a decree of congress. The first USA president Benjamin Franklin was its first postmaster general, a position he held briefly.

The new postal service was important in that it:

Made postal services accessible to the masses unlike the previous situation where it was a preserve of the British Crown government.Newspaper journalists were now able to reach and exchange ideas with readers and correspondents at low costs.The Post Office Department (USPOD) was established in 1792 by Congress. It was empowered to:Expand postal network through the entire country by establishing post offices and postal roads.Lower costs of newspaper correspondence hence enable dissemination of news.

19th century period

The postal service system played a vital role in national expansion during this period. Correspondence from early settlers gave information on business and mining opportunities. This encouraged more people to migrate and settle in areas of interest. In March 3 1874, an Act of Congress was passed that established the issuance of postal stamps for sell. The stamps included: 5-cent stamp for letters weighing less than 28g.10-cent for letter weighing greater than 28g

Major milestones during this time include:

In 1863 larger cities like New York began offering free mail delivery series.  Postal money orders were introduced in 1864. A hub-and spoke system was set up in 1867 with Washington as the center hub. Sorting of mail was carried out here.  Railway Post Offices were established in 1869. The offices specialized in en route mail sorting, hence reducing the volume of work at the Washington hub.

Establishment of a transcontinental railroad in 1869.

Bilateral agreements between USA and other countries began in 1887. This established the International Parcel Post between foreign countries and the U.S. government.

Twentieth century period

Exponential growth of the Parcel Postal system was experienced from the early 1900s. People ordered goods from distance cities due to the low rates charged by the:

Rural Free Delivery system established in 1896.

Domestic parcel post service inaugurated in 1913.

Main milestones in this period include but are not limited to:

In June 25 1910, an Act of Congress established the Postal Savings System to encourage postal savings.

In August 12 1918, Airmail service was relocated from USA Army Air service to the Post Office Department.

Comstock laws of 1873 that outlawed mail that contained any material considered vulgar or indecent.

Postal Reorganization Act of August 12, 1970 allowed the establishment of Postal workers union.

Currently The United States Postal Service is a gigantic department that is the third-largest civilian employer in the United States. It delivers an enormous amount of mail, approximately 1500 billion pieces of mail annually.

The Future

In October 2016, the USPS outlined a five-year future plan that entails:

Delivering a world class customer service.

Modernizing faster delivery services.

Training and empowering employees.

Investment in future postal platforms

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